What if no NFL season?

As the possibility of NFL haunts all of us sports fan, i havent yet wondered what I am going to do if there really is no NFL season. I am a college football fan but NFL is the most exciting thing to watch. Will there be college football games played on sundays if this does happen? I hope not. Sundays are usually reserved for me to watch the NFL and nothing else.

My guess is this college ratings and the NBA ratings will skyrocket and they will be the most pleased about the situation while the rest of us suffer. NFL really needs to step up their game quickly and get this done so that the world can enjoy the wonderful game of football.

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NCAA March Madness

The NCAA March Madness tournament is something that fans look forward to every year but I feel like they could make changes. I think the big problem that every one has with the tournament is the neutral sites in which they plan in.

I feel the NCAA tournament should have some home games in the tournament. Watching them play on a neutral court doesnt get the crowd involved and the crowd can be a big factor in the game. Could you imagine an elite 8 game at your favorite teams arena and imagine what the crowd would be like.

I would propose a home team for up to the final four and then have the final four in madison square garden in New York City. I would give each of the higher seeds the home game because they have obviously earned it throughout the year. I think this would serve well for the NCAA fans and players and would be great entertainment.

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Manning or Brady?

When all is said and done Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are going to go down as two of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game of football. There is no question there. But my question is, of the two, who will go down as the better quarterback if their careers ended today?

I feel like you can go both ways here. They both have a very valid argument for being better than one another. Tom Brady has 3 Super Bowls rings and has been to 4 of them. Peyton Manning has multiple MVP’s as does Brady, has 1 Super Bowl ring and has been to another. Brady has beaten Manning in multiple playoff games giving him the edge there but Manning will have better stats when all is said and done.

Brady has to deal with the spygate allegations and people saying that his team cheated and that they dont deserve the rings. Manning has to deal with them having the best record almost every year when he was in his prime and only winning 1 Super Bowl. Brady was also on better teams than Manning was. Manning is a more knowlegdeable quarterback but Brady is more of a winner.

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Another boxing issue

Throughout the past years, boxing has been on the decline due to competition (MMA), not that many great fighters, and lack of the heavyweight division. To me, there is one simple issue that could be addressed but isnt- boxing doesnt put on the fights people want to see.

The prime example is Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao. It seems like its been forever that fight fans around the world have wanted to see this fight and now it feels like its never going to happen. The two mentioned above seem to be fighting everybody else in boxing but wont come to an agreement to fight each other. Mayweather wants things his way and Manny wants things his way. It makes them both look like babies. Arent these guys supposed to be fighters? I thought so but it seems like they do more talking then fighting.

Floyd came back off his retirement to figh a lightweight in Juan Manuel Marquez which he destroyed and and old out of his prime Shane Mosley which he beat also. Mannys past fights have included a decent fighter in Miguel Cotto, an overrated Margarito, a weak Joshua Clottey and his next opponent is to be Shane Mosley and Floyds next opponent is unknown due to legal issues which leads us to ask will we ever see the fight we want to see?

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Next NFL Season- Jets best to stay humble

In the past two NFL seasons, the Ney York Jets have produced one of the best defenses in the league, brought in all- star talent, and have appeared in two AFC Championship games. The keyword there though is appear. They were outed by the Colts and the Steelers the past two years and two full season of trash talk. My advice this year…….silence.

In the past two season the Jets players and Rex Ryan have went on and on about how good they are and how they guarantee victories and come of as very arrogant. I say you shouldnt be that arrogant if you havent won anything yet. Yet some people will say well it’s just thier personality and their being confident and thats the way they are. Well sorry to say, it isnt working. They need to come up with a new plan and just stay to themselves because it’s make them look stupid every year.

Look at the past decade and think who has been the well-known teams to beat. You think of the Steelers, Patriots, and Colts. Each one of those teams are very humble and just get in there and get the job done and let their play do the talking. Maybe Rex Ryan needs to take notes and one day he will be a super bowl winning head coach.

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BCS = NFL Owners

Throughout the years, there has been much disgust about the BCS system in college football because they feel as do I, that it doesnt always produce the true champion. It doesn’t give every team a fair chance to show who the real champion is. NFL owners are just worried about their money and that’s exactly was the BCS is all about.

So everyone asks, why isnt there a playoff in college football? Theres only one answer to that question and it is money. The NCAA does not want to give up money because making a playoff will mean it will lose bowl games and sponsors and the NCAA doesnt want to make that sacrifice. The NCAA does not care about all the hardwork these coaches and student athletes put in and to give them all a fair shot. Their just as greedy as the NFL owners and it really makes me disgusted.

There is a solution though if the NCAA would wake up for once. You can still have the bowl games. No one is mad about the other bowl games, their just mad about the 3-4 teams that are up every year for title contention and how a computer decides it’s fate. Create a 8-game playoff and keep the other bowls. With the first 4 games, you can find a sponsor just like every year and call it a playoff game after a certain sponsor. The Allstate Bowl perhaps and everyone will know it’s a playoff game.

NCAA really needs to look into this or they are going to further increase the damage of their image to the point where fans cant take it anymore.

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Whats up with ESPN?

I have been a big fan of ESPN my whole life. I watch the channel everyday and visit the website daily also. They do a fantastic job of covering sports but I have an issue on what sports they are covering.

The NFL is clearly the favorite of ESPN, theres no debate there. They show the majors such as baseball, basketball, college sports, and soccer at times and then they show the things that I just can’t understand such as poker, horses, and pool. Like do this “sports” really draw that much viewership? The other day I turned it on and there was a cheer competition on and I thought I was dreaming. I never though i’d see the day a cheer competition was on ESPN.

I mean do sports like hockey and mma really not have a bigger following? I think not. The one combat sports they do show is that of a dying sport in boxing and hockey has some of the most recognizable names in sports with Crosby and Ovechkin and ESPN never shows them.

I would love to hear the reasoning behind all this…

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