NFL labor dispute- whos side are you on?

As most of you sports fans know, there is a very interesting labor dispute going on with the NFL owners and the NFL Players Association. The key barrier to this argument is money but there are other factors such as life after football, longer seasons, and the rookie pay scale. I have a feeling that this post is going to be lopsided to who’s side people are on being the players side but i’m curious to hear arguments and thoughts about the matter.

I personally am on the players side on this matter. All these owners and top level NFL associates care about is money and how to make more of it. I understand that it is a business and the more money the better but the NFL owners need to realize that the players are the reason they make money and should know the difference from right and wrong. These NFL players literally risk their lives and personall well-being to go out there and entertain America. They are role-models and have a huge impact on cities. They are the reason we love this game. Having a longer season and increasing the risk for injury just doesnt make any sense. But ofcourse the more games, the more money for the NFL. We never asked these owners to spend so much money, to build these overpriced stadiums, and get themselves into this situation. I dont remember anyone asking Jerry Jones to build a billion dollar stadium. Roger Goodell and the NFL should know that the players is how they get their money and do the right thing for the players and the fans and come to a deal quick.


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Big sports fan across the board. More knowledgable about the sports of football and basketball but enjoy all of the major sports in the world. Looking forward to opening up topics and sharing information about all sports.
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