Whats up with ESPN?

I have been a big fan of ESPN my whole life. I watch the channel everyday and visit the website daily also. They do a fantastic job of covering sports but I have an issue on what sports they are covering.

The NFL is clearly the favorite of ESPN, theres no debate there. They show the majors such as baseball, basketball, college sports, and soccer at times and then they show the things that I just can’t understand such as poker, horses, and pool. Like do this “sports” really draw that much viewership? The other day I turned it on and there was a cheer competition on and I thought I was dreaming. I never though i’d see the day a cheer competition was on ESPN.

I mean do sports like hockey and mma really not have a bigger following? I think not. The one combat sports they do show is that of a dying sport in boxing and hockey has some of the most recognizable names in sports with Crosby and Ovechkin and ESPN never shows them.

I would love to hear the reasoning behind all this…


About voiceofsports2011

Big sports fan across the board. More knowledgable about the sports of football and basketball but enjoy all of the major sports in the world. Looking forward to opening up topics and sharing information about all sports.
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