BCS = NFL Owners

Throughout the years, there has been much disgust about the BCS system in college football because they feel as do I, that it doesnt always produce the true champion. It doesn’t give every team a fair chance to show who the real champion is. NFL owners are just worried about their money and that’s exactly was the BCS is all about.

So everyone asks, why isnt there a playoff in college football? Theres only one answer to that question and it is money. The NCAA does not want to give up money because making a playoff will mean it will lose bowl games and sponsors and the NCAA doesnt want to make that sacrifice. The NCAA does not care about all the hardwork these coaches and student athletes put in and to give them all a fair shot. Their just as greedy as the NFL owners and it really makes me disgusted.

There is a solution though if the NCAA would wake up for once. You can still have the bowl games. No one is mad about the other bowl games, their just mad about the 3-4 teams that are up every year for title contention and how a computer decides it’s fate. Create a 8-game playoff and keep the other bowls. With the first 4 games, you can find a sponsor just like every year and call it a playoff game after a certain sponsor. The Allstate Bowl perhaps and everyone will know it’s a playoff game.

NCAA really needs to look into this or they are going to further increase the damage of their image to the point where fans cant take it anymore.


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One Response to BCS = NFL Owners

  1. No doubt. Whoever says they really understand how the BCS does their ratings is a funny jokester. Playoffs are important because people can follow brackets easier than they can follow the whole season just to understand why the last two teams are the last two teams. And let’s face it, the majority only watches the playoffs. Maybe it takes away a certain ‘tradition’ factor, but new traditions, especially those that work for everyone else, are good too.

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