Manning or Brady?

When all is said and done Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are going to go down as two of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game of football. There is no question there. But my question is, of the two, who will go down as the better quarterback if their careers ended today?

I feel like you can go both ways here. They both have a very valid argument for being better than one another. Tom Brady has 3 Super Bowls rings and has been to 4 of them. Peyton Manning has multiple MVP’s as does Brady, has 1 Super Bowl ring and has been to another. Brady has beaten Manning in multiple playoff games giving him the edge there but Manning will have better stats when all is said and done.

Brady has to deal with the spygate allegations and people saying that his team cheated and that they dont deserve the rings. Manning has to deal with them having the best record almost every year when he was in his prime and only winning 1 Super Bowl. Brady was also on better teams than Manning was. Manning is a more knowlegdeable quarterback but Brady is more of a winner.


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Big sports fan across the board. More knowledgable about the sports of football and basketball but enjoy all of the major sports in the world. Looking forward to opening up topics and sharing information about all sports.
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One Response to Manning or Brady?

  1. I would definitely choose Manning. The way he plays is by reading the defense and making appropriate calls to change the offense to counteract the defensive play. Some people find that annoying, but that is a trait of a great quarterback.

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