NCAA March Madness

The NCAA March Madness tournament is something that fans look forward to every year but I feel like they could make changes. I think the big problem that every one has with the tournament is the neutral sites in which they plan in.

I feel the NCAA tournament should have some home games in the tournament. Watching them play on a neutral court doesnt get the crowd involved and the crowd can be a big factor in the game. Could you imagine an elite 8 game at your favorite teams arena and imagine what the crowd would be like.

I would propose a home team for up to the final four and then have the final four in madison square garden in New York City. I would give each of the higher seeds the home game because they have obviously earned it throughout the year. I think this would serve well for the NCAA fans and players and would be great entertainment.


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Big sports fan across the board. More knowledgable about the sports of football and basketball but enjoy all of the major sports in the world. Looking forward to opening up topics and sharing information about all sports.
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