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What if no NFL season?

As the possibility of NFL haunts all of us sports fan, i havent yet wondered what I am going to do if there really is no NFL season. I am a college football fan but NFL is the most exciting … Continue reading

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NCAA March Madness

The NCAA March Madness tournament is something that fans look forward to every year but I feel like they could make changes. I think the big problem that every one has with the tournament is the neutral sites in which … Continue reading

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Manning or Brady?

When all is said and done Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are going to go down as two of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game of football. There is no question there. But my question is, of the … Continue reading

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Another boxing issue

Throughout the past years, boxing has been on the decline due to competition (MMA), not that many great fighters, and lack of the heavyweight division. To me, there is one simple issue that could be addressed but isnt- boxing doesnt … Continue reading

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BCS = NFL Owners

Throughout the years, there has been much disgust about the BCS system in college football because they feel as do I, that it doesnt always produce the true champion. It doesn’t give every team a fair chance to show who … Continue reading

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Whats up with ESPN?

I have been a big fan of ESPN my whole life. I watch the channel everyday and visit the website daily also. They do a fantastic job of covering sports but I have an issue on what sports they are … Continue reading

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Top 5 NBA Players

The NBA is filled with some of the biggest names in sports and some of the most athletic athletes in the world. So I decided to give recognition to my top 5 current NBA players and here goes the list: … Continue reading

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