Top 5 NBA Players

The NBA is filled with some of the biggest names in sports and some of the most athletic athletes in the world. So I decided to give recognition to my top 5 current NBA players and here goes the list:

5. Kevin Durant- One of the most explosive players in the league. He’s a great shooter and a team that seems to get better and better each year. Very big wingspan and uses it as an advantage for his defense. Look for him to become a future MVP in the future.

4. Derrick Rose- Will probably win MVP this year for his great overall play. I think he has established himself and the best PG in the game now and he’s not even in his prime yet. He’s guided his team to the number 1 seed in the East and they have a real shot of taking it all this year.

3. Dwight Howard- I would say he’s the most dominant big man we have seen since Shaq was in his prime. A 7’0 monster who’s a rebounding machine and one of the best if not the bestr defensive player in the game. Has been to the finals once and I see him getting there again in the future.

2. Lebron James- The most explosive player in the NBA. Gets to the rim easily and with authority every team he goes. Great defensive player and all-around player. Has been to the finals once already and with the talent he has on his team, it’s almost a certain that we will be back.

1. Kobe Bryant- A 5-time NBA Champion and he is one of the most clutch players in NBA history. There is nothing that he doesn;t do well in the NBA. If the games on the line, he is the one that I want at the end of the game with the ball in his hands because he’s more than likely going to deliver a game-winner.

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MMA has overtaken Boxing

Throughout the last 10 years, the UFC has come from a company that was 40 million dollars in debt to a bilion dollar company and one of the most fastest growing sports in the world. MMA was competing against a very strong and well-known industry known as boxing because of it’s history. MMA is the new and exciting sport while boxing is turning into the old and boring sport.

Boxing is a very limtited sport because all the sport deals with is punching. MMA deals with punhing, kicking, wrestling, submissions, elbows, karate, and many different styles to choose from. As Joe Rogan would say ” MMA is the sport of fighing while Boxing is the sport of punching. Dana White has took the sport and brought it to another level. They offer free fights and television and their pay per views are much more exciting to watch wih people.

UFC has took over boxing as being the pay-per-view kings and you get what you pay for. You get a great night of fights and while boxing jus focuses on one fight the whole night, the UFC has 5 fights on the main card. Boxings biggest name would probably be Floyd Mayweather while UFC’s would probably be GSP. Floyd Mayweather is considered to be a fighter who ducks oppenents while GSP fights whoever they put in front of him. Floyd Mayweather is also very controversial and has many legal troubles. GSP is a superstare and a role model. The UFC’s top superstar has a much better image thn Boxing’s and that is just one little reason why the UFC has taken over Boxing.

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America’s Team?

A lot of people consider the Dallas Cowboys “America’s Team” and I just don’t see it. First of all I believe that the Steelers have a larger fan base and much more loyal fans than the Cowboys do. Every visiting stadium that the Pittsburgh Steelers play in, you see terrible towels waving and see a oddly amount of Steeler jerseys across the stadium. There are certain games that if you didn’t know what city and what field they were playing on, that you could make a case that you thought the Steelers were the home team on some visiting stadiums they play in. It truly is something rare in sports that you hardly ever see. ESPN personality Scott Van Pelt has said that every city you go to, there is always atleast one Steeler bar there and he along with myself agrees on the Steelers being the real Americas Team. The Cowboys have been irrelvant for years and years now and they have won only 1 playoff game in the last 16 years. You would think a team labeled Americas Team could consistently win every now and then. Some people I have heard on this matter even put the Packers in front of them because of their fanbase and history. I would like to see some peoples order on this subject.

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NFL turning soft

In recent years NFL players have been hit with large fines for “hard hits” or “helmet to helmet hits” and I think recently it’s getting out of control. It’s getting to the point where players can’t play their hardnosed style as they are used to which got them to the NFL. They have to alter their playing styles to apply with the rules of some people in the NFL who probably havent played a down in their life. This is the NFL and it’s a contact sport and if certain players can’t take these hits then they probably shouldnt be playing football. Would like to hear everyones thoughts on the matter.

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NBA Champions Picks

With the playoffs approaching right around the door, i was curious to hear peoples prediction on what team you think will win the finals? I being a Laker fan am going to go with them ofcourse. I don’t see the Spurs older age players keeping up with the Lakers and I dont think the Mavs have the team to do it. Kobe is one championship away from another three-peat and one championship away from tying MJ for six titles a piece, and trust me, you can bet thats in Kobe’s mind to tie or pass MJ. I think the Celtics are the only team that could give the Lakers the most trouble but I see the Lakers and Celtics in the finals and the Lakers winning in seven games again.

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Whats wrong with baseball?

Baseball is not as popular as it used to be. We all know that. Low ticket sales, low merchandise sales, and poor tv ratings are just proof of that. So I wonder, what was the cause of all this lately. Has the sport been plagued nowadays because of the steroid use? It seems like more and more every year there is a big name in baseball getting caught or accused of steroids and this perhaps diminishes the quality of the game. Last years World Series had one of the worst ratings of all time and it doesnt seem like its going to get better. Is it because football and basketball are just more exciting than baseball? Baseball games are almost 4 hours long and some can seem to drag on forever. With all that being sad, im curious to hear as to what has happened to baseball recently.

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NFL labor dispute- whos side are you on?

As most of you sports fans know, there is a very interesting labor dispute going on with the NFL owners and the NFL Players Association. The key barrier to this argument is money but there are other factors such as life after football, longer seasons, and the rookie pay scale. I have a feeling that this post is going to be lopsided to who’s side people are on being the players side but i’m curious to hear arguments and thoughts about the matter.

I personally am on the players side on this matter. All these owners and top level NFL associates care about is money and how to make more of it. I understand that it is a business and the more money the better but the NFL owners need to realize that the players are the reason they make money and should know the difference from right and wrong. These NFL players literally risk their lives and personall well-being to go out there and entertain America. They are role-models and have a huge impact on cities. They are the reason we love this game. Having a longer season and increasing the risk for injury just doesnt make any sense. But ofcourse the more games, the more money for the NFL. We never asked these owners to spend so much money, to build these overpriced stadiums, and get themselves into this situation. I dont remember anyone asking Jerry Jones to build a billion dollar stadium. Roger Goodell and the NFL should know that the players is how they get their money and do the right thing for the players and the fans and come to a deal quick.

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